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Florida American Legion License Plate Pre-Order

Pre-Order ButtonDownload ButtonWe are proud to announce the creation of the first American Legion license plate for the state of Florida!

Each plate costs $35.50 with a portion of the proceeds going to support the Florida American Legion Boys State Program, Gilchrist Fund and other veteran support services.

Before production can begin, we need your help to pre-sell 1,000 vouchers!

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How You Can Help


You can purchase your voucher by clicking the Pre-Order button above and completing the online forms. This beautiful plate costs just $35.50 plus your regular registration fee, and it helps the Florida American Legion support veterans and their families in the state of Florida through various support services such as the Gilchrist Fund, scholarship programs, community projects, the Boys State program, and much, much more! Once you purchase your voucher, you will receive a Specialty License Plate Voucher Receipt. After 1,000 vouchers have been sold, production will begin and voucher holders will be notified that they can exchange their voucher for one of these beautiful plates!

You can also purchase your voucher by going to:

  • Your local tax collector’s office
  • A private license plate agency

In the unlikely event we are unable to sell 1,000 vouchers, your money would be refunded or applied toward the purchase of another plate.


We need YOUR help! The quicker we get 1,000 pre-orders, the quicker you get your plate! Help us reach our goal as soon as possible by telling your friends and sharing information on social media. Click the Facebook or Twitter buttons below to let others know where they can get their Florida American Legion plate!


After you’ve pre-ordered your plate and told your friends about it, visit our website to learn more about the programs and resources we provide for our veterans and their families. Thank you for your support!

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