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Woman Veteran Liason



• point of contact for complaint resolutions and issues with Florida VA systems in direct correlation with the care of female veterans: Women's Health, mental health, VA guided Homeless program, and any necessary organizations to assist FL Female Legionnaires.

• Assist in teaching female claim statements and necessary information on sensitive topics such as MST to assist service officers in filing complicated claims. 

• Oversee and present new programs to the American Legion needed to ad to the specific needs of our female veterans IE Job Fairs, Female combat PTSD programs, Women in crisis relief fund and hotline, Newsletters, gender bias education as needed. Groups- women therapies and counseling that does not presently exist in VA system. 

• Spokes person for all affairs dealing and pertaining to Florida female veterans. 

• Point of contact for complaint resolutions for issues effecting Female Legionnaires within the American Legion family department of Florida.

• Research and report major issues effecting female veterans, to bring these issues to the forefront of the American Legion and its supporters. 

• Engage in activities that will disseminate information to women veterans in the State regarding available federal and state services intended to serve veterans generally and women veterans specifically 

• Represent women veterans and communicate issues related to women veterans, including issues presented by the commission to the United States Veterans Administration and state, regional and national veterans organizations or working groups. 

• Serve as a liaison to the Department Commander of the Florida American Legion on Veterans’ Services on behalf of women veterans.

• planned meetings and outreach activities, conferences, scheduling visits to various post in the state of Florida.

• prepare and submit an annual/monthly report as determined by the Florida Department Commander.


• assist post in education of homeless veteran needs, programs available, and steps to initiate a productive Homeless Outreach program within their post.

• Educate legionnaires on VASH housing and how to assit and in the items needed by florida homeless veterans.

• Homeless women outreach and spokesperson; investigating and reporting complaints from veterans on mistreatment and guideline infractions perpetrated by the VA Health System Homeless program.

• Initiate active participation throughout Florida Post in : Safe Night assitance, Veteran Habitat for Humanity, 

• Educate American Legion Service officers on proper claims for HOMELSS VETERANS and how to expedite those claims eliminating long wait periods for veterans in crisis.

• South west area advocate-- assisting Al Dudley on any and all needs of Florida Homeless Veterans. Main focus on Female Veterans and their particular needs through out the state of Florida. 

• Any and all things documentation, reporting, research, program initiations, fund-raising activities, comments, idea generation to assist American Legion Homeless support Initiative.


FAL Programs

Programs are the life blood of our organization.  It is through our programs that we ensure our veterans get the medical care, and benefits they were promised and deserve.  It is through our programs that we instill a sense of patriotism in our communities.  It is our programs that provide us the opportunity to mentor our nation's youth.  And it is our programs that give us all ownership in the greatest organization known to man.

Programs Director : Carol Polk

Photo of Carol polkCarol Polk has served the Florida Legion since 1995. No one knows our programs better. From Boys State to Oratorical, from JROTC to Scholarships if have questions or comments Carol can help. Contact Carol at the Department HQ at (407)295-2631 ext. 232, or shoot her an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Legion Baseball

Baseball Chairman:
Benny Combs

Baseball Chairman - Benny Combs

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Legion Baseball Rulebook

View the History of Legion Baseball on the American Legion National HQ Website.

With an alumni base that includes more than half of current Major League Baseball players, American Legion Baseball is one of the most prominent and tradition-rich amateur athletic leagues in existence.

The program is always growing, and participation is easy.

About 5,000 teams compete each year, so there’s ample opportunity for new players to join, and for coaches who want to start a team. The league also employs a large number of umpires and other volunteers.

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Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Chairman:
Wayne Newland

Wayne Newland - Boy Scout Chairman

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Eagle Scout of the Year Application

Florida Cracker Trail Site

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Blood Donor

Blood Donor Chairman: Bob Koger

Blood Donor Chairman : Bob Koger

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MONEY can't buy it. SCIENCE can't duplicate it. PEOPLE can't live without it. But, in one brief, simple gesture, many of the members of your American Legion Post-and its Auxiliary Unit-can join with others who are able to give life's most important asset-actually, a gift of life-a pint of blood.

Participation by your Post/Unit in The American Legion's Blood Donor Program opens another door for a great and continuing humanitarian opportunity. Here is community service of the highest order. Here is a program which meets an ever-present need. Here is a program which shows the community the depth of your Post's concern for the well-being of your fellow citizens.

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